Saint Louis


Day of the Locust at White Flag Projects

In White Flag Project’s Day of the Locust, curator Jessica Baran exhibits a group of artists whose work faces the promises, failures, and frustrating workings of the art world and its place in the illusionary American Dream.

Ghosts of Our Time

One could call Witch House a haunting: an inhabitation in the present of fragments of several pasts. Like its many contemporaries, it depends on borrowed gravity for effect…
Here is the second in a series of essays on Witch House music featured throughout October.

Gregg Louis: Down to Earth at Atrium Gallery

Visual manifestations of UFOs are typically simple joinings of convex and concave discs, often envisioned at night, emitting ethereal light in an undetermined manner. Gregg Louis’s recent solo exhibition, “Down to Earth,” at Atrium Gallery explores the UFO as a symbol for, “an unknowable thing.”

Writing Workshop at The Luminary Center for the Arts

Temporary Art Review is please to announce its first Writing Workshop with curator and art critic Jessica Baran hosted by The Luminary Center for the Arts in St. Louis, MO. Jessica Baran is the Assistant Director of White Flag Projects and an art writer for the Riverfront Times.