Saint Louis


Best Arts Blog!

We are pleased to announce that Temporary Art Review has just been awarded “Best Arts Blog” by the Riverfront Times in St. Louis, MO.

White Flag Projects

White Flag Projects is a non-profit alternative gallery space that gives artists the freedom and the space to realize ideas and projects that may not be possible in a conventional gallery setting.

The Jettisoned at Los Caminos

Laura Elizabeth Barone explores Chicago-based Meredith Zielke and Yoni Goldstein’s painstakingly detailed three-channel video installation entitled The Jettisoned at Los Caminos Gallery.

Romantic Notions at Los Caminos

At Los Caminos, curator Cecilia Vargas presents four contemporary artists’ responses to how and why we view romantic love the way we do, offering insight and questions into how our own disillusionment plays out in actual relationships.