On Loneliness, Solitude, and Shifting Histories

A LONE, a city-wide exhibition of video and visual art installations presented by Vignettes and Gramma Poetry in Seattle, seeks to inspire and provoke questions about what it means to be alone, to feel lonely, and to find a home within the cities we love, and leave.

Violet Strays

Violet Strays is an online exhibition space co-founded and curated by artist, Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno.

Sondra Perry at INCA

At Institute for New Connotative Action (INCA) the newly refurbished space is darkened. It’s partly sectioned off with black, fabric..


Vignettes is an alternative and online venue to support new creations in a nurturing environment for artists of all disciplines and experience levels.

SOIL Gallery

Founded in 1995, SOIL is a collective and a nonprofit gallery established, supported, and managed by Seattle artists.