Saint Louis


Moving together, in St. Louis: Dwell in Other Futures

Merve Bedir considers Dwell in Other Futures: Art / Urbanism / Midwest, a two-day art and ideas festival that explored the collisions of race, urbanism, and futurism, providing a platform for alternate visions of St. Louis to come. Organized by Gavin Kroeber, Tim Portlock, and Rebecca Wanzo, the festival asked the questions of “how images of the future shape the city in the present,” and “what competing futures are emerging in the urban fabric.”

Heather Corcoran at the Center of Creative Arts (COCA)

Reading Time Across Words and Numbers: Visualization Projects by Heather Corcoran presents an installation of digital prints that navigate the regimes of physical and cultural data, framing the production, observation, or collection of this information as inherently creative responses to many environments that we inhabit.