Saint Louis


Ruptures at hoffman lachance contemporary

While the exhibition statement makes vague observations about “paintings that are similarly engaged in what the image is about,” the exhibition pulls together a thoughtful range of abstract painting from here to Brooklyn and into Canada.

SGCI Friday Night Highlights, Part II

Cherokee Street has been the de facto artist-run capital of St. Louis for the past several years, hosting an energetic and ever-changing roster of DIY galleries, co-ops, studio spaces and community activism. On Friday, March 18th, the street remade itself once again for the SGCI Conference.

Isolation Room/Gallery Kit

Isolation Room/Gallery Kit’s presence in Daniel McGrath and Dana Turkovic’s dining room may even be overshadowed by the unanimous acclaim it has received. The dual-titled project exists as both a singular viewing experience and an eminently exportable gallery with downloadable blueprints.