Locating Claire Fontaine

Claire Fontaine is at once the contemporary every-artist and a non-existent fictional subject. She enters object-oriented contemporary practices incognito not only to symptomize our current political conditions but also to challenge ideas of art’s capacity for social change.

Marfa Memo: The Chinati Foundation

This year, The Chinati Foundation is celebrating its 25th-year Anniversary (1986-2011). The following conversation was recorded by Sarrita Hunn and Ryan Thayer shortly after visiting the museum this past August.

Texas Contemporary Art Fair

Yes, lots of Texas money was flying around, making artists and gallerists giddy, but much of the Houston friendliness and warmth was at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair too…

C∆N† W∆1† \ DØN† C∆R3

The last in our series on buzz-genre “Witch House,” this charticle (yes, charticle) proposes speculative relationships between a series of interrelated conceptual pairs that float in, out, through, around and between some of the philosophical and material historical conditions that may have fostered this categorical impulse…