Ghosts of Our Time

One could call Witch House a haunting: an inhabitation in the present of fragments of several pasts. Like its many contemporaries, it depends on borrowed gravity for effect…
Here is the second in a series of essays on Witch House music featured throughout October.

Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live

Drag, Rape Gaze. Ghost Drone. Zombie Rave. Goth-Juke. Grave-Wave. These, and endless other, illustrative and occasionally vulgar terms describe what many call Witch House, a genre of geographically unhinged electronic based music. This is the first in a series of essays on Witch House music featured throughout October.

Copy+Paste: Curiously Direct

On a particularly fruitful day of viewing shows in the city, I found a cafe and started the Curiously Direct Facebook page. The goal is to review every show I attend, to try to say something concrete about why I feel this or that way about a show, and to fit that into the 420 character limit of a Facebook wall post.

What is an Author for?

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Renia Sofia in Madrid is the controversial home of Picasso’s “Guernica.” Controversial, because Picasso asked in his will that the painting be housed at the Prado, but at the smaller Renia Sophia “Guernica” lords over the rest of the collection like a fat black…

Copy+Paste: Selected Amazon Reviews

When Kevin Killian is not writing novels, memoirs, volumes of short stories, books of poetry, biographies, exhibition essays and plays, curating, editing, publishing zines and taking “intimate photographs of men with big genitals”…he is writing Amazon reviews.

Impossible Vacation

A review of the current group exhibition, “Impossible Vacation,” at White Flag Projects, recorded by Sarrita Hunn and Ryan Thayer shortly after their second visit.


What started out as an art project evolved into a series of questions that led in many directions; the legal definition of a firearm, the difference between functioning and non-functioning gun parts, loopholes in international customs, the distinction between art materials and dangerous materials…