(un)mutable channels

2020, Mon, Oct 26 — 2020, Sat, Oct 31

For HKW’s The Shape of a Practice, Temporary continent. is pleased to present (un)mutable channels.

(un)mutable channels collects voices and atmospheres from throughout the Mississippi River Valley. Mediated and spatialized through sound, the multiple and irrepressible flows of the Mississippi River provide an archival backdrop for pivotal streams: discussions with local inhabitants and activists, interviews with Anthropocene researchers, current newsfeeds and live performances.

Framed as the voice of a temporary continent – materially, geographically and mythically constituted – the installation joins the processual and always flowing Mississippi to populate an estuary of media streams evolving from a turbulent river.

(un)mutable channels contains original materials recorded by Temporary continent. and materials sampled from Listening to the Mississippi (2015–2019) by Monica Moses Haller and Sebastian Muellauer.

Temporary continent. are Jamie Allen, Louise Carver, Nina Jäger, Sarrita Hunn, James McAnally, Clémence Hallé, Benoît Verjat, Duncan Evennou and Anne-Sophie Milon.

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