To Make a Public: special binder edition + new logo

Temporary Art Review is pleased to announce To Make a Public: Temporary Art Review 2011-2016, a selected anthology of the first five years of the online publication and a catalogue of the related exhibition Document V celebrating the same benchmark. Edited by founders Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally, To Make A Public parallels Temporary Art Review as an ever expanding project, a text in multiple forms, embedded within overlapping contexts and histories of artist-centric experiments since its founding.

To Make a Public offers a singular lens into broader eruptions in publishing and artistic practice over the past five years as a primary document of our moment through the collected writings of artists, curators, activists and critics instrumental in its formation. Emerging out of a history of artists’ publications, the book both documents and expands on the work of artists in the present to bring their defining ideas back to the public sphere – making a public, perhaps, in its accumulation.

Like Document V, both binder and book reference Harold Szeemann’s seminal documenta 5 catalogue, which can be seen in the color coding, typographic decisions, and overall navigation, as well as in the decision to designate this celebration with the interrelated release of an object, an exhibition, a book, and a special edition binder.

To Make a Public includes contributions from Shannon Stratton, Steven Cottingham, Plug Projects, Good Weather, Transformazium, Kareem Reid, Anya Ventura, Matthew Fluharty (Art of the Rural), Pelican Bomb, ARTS.BLACK, Ryan Wong, Rihanna Jade Parker, Rozsa Zita Farkas, Gelare Khoshgozaran (contemptorary), Gretchen Coombs, ACRE, The Black Artists Retreat, Signal Fire, Lauren Frances Adams, Mary Coyne, Sam Gould, Abigail Satinsky, Anthony Romero and many others.

The special binder edition of To Make a Public is available on a sliding scale to help support new writing in 2017 and beyond.


$50 – special edition price
$75 – special edition + support a review
$100 – special edition + support an essay

Special Edition

The book will be released in December 2016 by Institute for New Connotative Action Press with special events planned throughout the US. The first event is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd at SOHO20 in Brooklyn, NY. More information on the book release schedule will be announced next month.




While To Make a Public archives the first five years of Temporary Art Review, we are also marking our next five years with a new logo with a finite lifespan. Considering the ephemerality of artists’ publications and the incomplete itineraries of an archival project, this logo will gradually fade each year losing weight over time – but gaining momentum toward a yet unknown future transition.



The book, special edition binder and logo were designed by Haynes Riley.
The logo is based on a custom typeface, Prophet, designed by Dinamo.

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