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Copy+Paste: Selected Amazon Reviews

When Kevin Killian is not writing novels, memoirs, volumes of short stories, books of poetry, biographies, exhibition essays and plays, curating, editing, publishing zines and taking “intimate photographs of men with big genitals”…he is writing Amazon reviews.

People’s Gallery and Biennial

Bob Newland’s photographs recently on view at the People’s Gallery capture the agony and ecstasy of the American rodeo. However, the photographs themselves tell only half of the exhibition’s story.

The Immortal at Queens Nails Projects

A low-frequency tone permeates Queens Nails Projects. It’s a dreadful hum: doomy and gloomy, a humid sort of white noise hanging heavy in the atmosphere. Simultaneous presence and absence is the logic that rules in artists Facundo Argañaraz’s and Chris Hood’s exhibition, “The Immortal.”