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Editor’s Note: When Kevin Killian is not writing novels (Shy, 1989 and Arctic Summer, 1997), memoirs (Bedrooms Have Windows, 1990), volumes of short stories (Little Men, 1996, I Cry Like a Baby, 2001 and Impossible Princess, 2009), books of poetry (Argento Series, 2001 and Action Kylie, 2008), biographies, exhibition essays, plays (over 30 to date), curating, editing, publishing zines and taking “intimate photographs of men with big genitals” (which may be seen in his book, Tagged, to be published next spring),…he is writing Amazon reviews.
Kevin has posted 2,407 Amazon reviews to date1, including not only many meditations on books and movies but also products like fish bone earrings and duct tape. A number of these vignettes were first published by Hooke Press in a collection entitled Selected Amazon Reviews (edited by Brent Cunningham) in August 2006. As this volume quickly sold out, the newest volume published by Push Press this May, Selected Amazon Reviews: Volume Two (edited by Jason Morris with cover by Ryan Coffey), has been long awaited.
– Sarrita Hunn
The following is a collection of Kevin KIllian’s Amazon reviews selected by the Editor.
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1. Kevin Killian is a “Top 100 Reviewer,” ranked #61 in the “Old Reviewer Rank” and #672 in the “New Reviewer Rank.” More info on that distinction here.

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