Red Space Gallery

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Red Space Gallery

Address: 1203. W. 49th Street, Apt. B, Austin, TX 78756
Contacts: Caitlin G. McCollom and Carlos Acevedo
Email: redspaceaustin@gmail.com
Website: www.redspacegallery.com
Open Hours: by appointment only

How is the project operated? For-profit, non-profit, artist-run, etc.
I, Caitlin McCollom, run Red Space Gallery and I have a lot of help from my boyfriend Carlos Acevedo, who manages installation and artist relations. He also lives in the apartment. I am a performance artist and painter; Carlos has a degree in art history and is very interested in managing arts spaces and promoting underrepresented artists.

How long has it been in existence?
Red Space is a little over one year old; we are in the second cycle of exhibitions.

What was your motivation?
I created Red Space because of a need I felt to connect with other experimental artists like myself; and, to create a new scene within Austin wherein the new generation of new media and conceptual artists could actively work in-conjunction to gain recognition for their unique art forms. Red Space facilitates this by allowing new connections to be made and most importantly providing exhibition opportunities for non-commercial art practices. By providing these opportunities it makes it possible for experimental artists to receive critical review and visual recognition in Austin. Red Space injects a new voice into the community of art within Austin by allowing the emerging artist to claim legitimacy with the larger scene.

Number of organizers/responsible persons of the project.
It’s just me!

How are programs funded? (ie membership fees, public funding, sponsors, etc.)
Everything is very low budget, I pay for everything out of pocket that needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately at this time the artists fund their own projects, eventually I’d like to find a way to provide funding to the artists. We have a very generous sponsor: Dripping Springs Vodka and they supply alcohol for the openings.

Who is responsible for the programming? (Curators, Directors, etc.)
I choose the number of exhibitions per cycle, and I decide with the artists whether we do any other events related to the show, such as artist talks or special screenings or performances.

Number and average duration of exhibitions/events per year.
At this time, approximately 8 artists show per cycle (9 month period) and 10-11 artists show per year.

What kinds of events are usually organized?
We show exhibitions and artists talks, occasionally special performances or screenings.

How is your programming determined?
I follow the mission statement as closely as possible, when I choose artists and curate exhibitions I am looking for a few main criteria: The overall quality and appeal of the artist’s portfolio, the experimental quality of the proposed exhibition, and the ability of the space to accommodate the vision of the artist.

Mission statement: Red Space seeks to diversify the Austin art scene by focusing on the work of emerging artists and encouraging challenging new work in a non-traditional setting. Red Space is devoted to showing artists exploring experimental methods, high concept, as well as dynamic traditional work.

Do you accept proposals/submissions?
Yes I do. Though I am generally interested in personally approaching artists I would like to show, I am always looking for dynamic ideas for the space and new artists to show.  In the beginnings of the space I only operated through accepting proposals.

What is your artistic/curatorial approach?
I put together shows that have a dynamic and experimental quality to them. I am generally uninterested in showing strictly 2-D work. There are also very strict rules about what I will actually show; everything has to be totally new and created especially for exhibition at Red Space. I like to be a part of the development process and I try to encourage the artists to try new things for the exhibition.

What’s working? What’s not working?
So far I’ve had a very positive experience overall with Red Space, I’d say that the exhibitions have all been really stellar. I think the frequency of the shows makes for too quick of a pace, I wanted to show a new artist every month, which definitely served to get a lot of interest in the space but I’m not sure it provides for the artists well, for the next cycle I will probably select fewer artists and have longer run times for each show.

What kind of role do you hope to play in your local art scene or community?
I like to see myself as a scout of sorts, I look for artists that maybe haven’t had the opportunity for a solo show yet, or are looking for a place to show art that won’t fit into a commercial space I would like to be able to grow indefinitely in my role as director and curator, eventually I’d like to run a commercial space that has a similar focus as Red Space.

What idea are you most excited about for the future?
I am excited about the third round of searching for artists and putting together shows that represent the best young talent in Austin.


Images courtesy of Red Space Gallery.

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