ICA Baltimore

Contact: Lou Joseph
Email: icabaltimore@gmail.com
Website: www.icabaltimore.org
Open Hours: Sat-Sun 12-4 during exhibitions


How is the project operated?

How long has it been in existence?
Three years.

What was your motivation?
When we started, it seemed like the majority of exhibitions in the area were all group shows that rarely stood out from one another, so we decided to focus on solo exhibitions for mid-career artists. We began with only working with with Baltimore artists but have been incorporating more national artists into our programming.

Number of organizers/responsible persons of the project.

How are programs funded?
We partner with existing galleries and vacant spaces to produce our projects; after securing a venue it is relatively cost-effective to put on shows. Donations made at openings and via our fiscal sponsor (Fractured Atlas) cover opening costs and various expenses. We also screen print posters for each project, and the sales from the extra posters also helps to cover expenses.

Who is responsible for the programming?
The advisory committee of six artists.

Number and average duration of exhibitions/events per year.
5 a year, each a month long or so.

What kind of events are usually organized?
Solo artist exhibitions.

How is your programming determined?
Artists are nominated by advisory committee members, and the committee votes whether to pursue a studio visit. After a studio visit we determine if the artist is a good fit for our programming, and if so we confirm with the artist, secure a venue and put on the show.

Do you accept proposals/submissions?
No, at this point we cannot accept submissions.

What is your artistic/curatorial approach?
We are looking for a variety of artists and art forms from people at least three years out of school- ideally, artists that could take advantage of the opportunity of a solo exhibition.

What idea are you most excited about for the future?
We are excited to start an exchange program with art spaces in other cities, where we could send artists from Baltimore to a new space, and we could bring a new artists to the ICA and Baltimore. We are excited to both push Baltimore artists out into new environments and bringing fresh work to an eager audience.

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