Document V: Dayparting by Ryan Thayer

In conjunction with Document V,  Dayparting by Ryan Thayer consists of a photograph and a collective portrait of Temporary Art Review in the form of playlists of songs selected by past contributors played over the course of the exhibition and available online.

The practice of using playlists as a way of packaging content has its origins in the early days of Top 40’s radio when radio stations created standardized formatting from a limited number of songs to be played. In broadcast programming, “dayparting” describes the practice of using standardized formatting to divide up the broadcast day into several segments in which a different type of radio or television program would be aired by approximating the interests of a target audience based on their demographics or viewing habits. Ryan Thayer’s work Dayparting examines seriality through a variety of media and platforms, between the formats of photography and music playlists and across online entertainment and exhibition programing.

Participating contributors include: Lauren Frances Adams, Colin Alexander, Stephen Anderson, ARTS.BLACK, Colleen Asper, Hélène Baril, Kim Beck, Liat Berdugo, Joshua Bienko, Mike Calway-Fagen, Bill Conger, Steven Cottingham, Sage Dawson, Jen Delos Reyes, Sheila Dickinson, Paul Druecke, Nihaal Faizal, Rózsa Zita Farkas, Maria Fedorova, Brad Fiore, Rob Goyanes, Kira Nam Greene, Catherine Haley Epstein, Aaron Harbour, Brian Hearn, Eric Hibit, Sarrita Hunn, Kayle Karbowski, Margaret Keller, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Kevin Killian, Ben Kinsley, Meredith Kooi, Jessica Langley, Amy Mackie, Jesse Malmed, Michael Marks, James McAnally, Jeremy Mohler, Gerard Nadeau, Rianna Jade Parker, David Pledger, Genevieve Quick, Amy Reidel, Idhar Resmadi, Ryder Richards, Netta Sadovsky, Jordan Sarti, Blair Schulman, Laura Elizabeth Shea, Paul Shortt, Quintin Teszeri, Ryan Thayer, Anastasia Tuazon, Andrew Wyatt, Anya Ventura, Melissa Vogley Woods, John von Bergen, Sheilah Wilson, Christine Wong Yap, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Nancy Zastudil, and Claudio Zecchi.

Playlists will be presented over the course of the exhibition during the following dates:
Prime Time: March 25 – April 05
Late Fringe: April 06 – 17
Post Late Fringe: April 18 – 29
Daytime: April 30 – May 11
Early Fringe: May 12 – 20


Dayparting – Prime Time

  1. SS Decontrol, How Much Art Can You Take? – Jen Delos Reyes
  2. The Headhunters, God Make Me Funky – Brian Hearn
  3. MØ, Kamikaze – Liat Berdugo
  4. Little Simz, Persons – Melissa Vogley Woods
  5. Kylie Minogue, Wow – Kevin Killian
  6. The Julie Ruin, Run Fast – Catherine Haley Epstein
  7. Pictureplane, Body Mod – Jessica Langley
  8. Barry Adamson, Something Wicked This Way Comes/ LOST HIGHWAY edit  – Andrew Wyatt
  9. Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat & Missy Elliott,  Ladies NightArts.Black
  10. Gil Scott-Heron, We Almost Lost Detroit – Jeremy Mohler
  11. Bikini Kill, Rebel Girl – Kayle Karbowski
  12. George Baker Selection, Little Green Bag – Blair Schulman
  13. Alicia Bridges, I Love the Nightlife – Anastasia Tuazon
  14. Kohrush Yaghmei, Ghad Boland – Gelare Khoshgozaran
  15. Solange, Losing You – Steven Cottingham
  16. Nina Simone, Baltimore – Colin Alexander
  17. Talking Heads, Sax and Violins – Nancy Zastudil
  18. Porno for Pyros, Tahitian Moon – Sarrita Hunn
  19. Sufjan Stevens, Chicago – Shelia Dickinson
  20. The Clean, Tally Ho! – Jesse Malmed
  21. The Specials, Ghost Town – Christine Wong Yap
  22. David Bowie, Lazarus – Kim Beck


Dayparting – Late Fringe

  1. ZERORACECAR, What Did You Do Today? – Michael Marks
  2. DFA 1979, Romantic Rights – John Von Bergen
  3. Radiohead, Creep – David Pledger
  4. Joshua Bienko and John Douglas Powers, I Don’t Like Linguini (Or Your Paintings) – Joshua Bienko
  5. Bobby Flan, Sucktember Meditations – Rob Goyanes
  6. Naira Marley & Max Twigz, Marry Juana – Rozsa Farkas
  7. Outkast, SpottieOttieDopaliscious – Sean Starowitz
  8. The Clash, Guns of Brixton – Claudio Zecchi
  9. Rage Against the Machine, Killing in the Name – Ryder Richards
  10. Marianne Faithful, My Friends Have – Colleen Asper
  11. Boyfriend, Jealousy – Amy Mackie
  12. Lissie, Pursuit of Happiness – Laura Shea


Dayparting – Post Late Fringe

  1. Shlomo, Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Mix) – Stephen Anderson
  2. Ólafur Arnalds, For Now I Am Winter – Margaret Keller
  3. Tim Hecker, Chimeras – Maria Federova
  4. Craig Leon, “Region Of Fleeing Civilians” from Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1 – Ben Kinsley
  5. Scientists, Dance of the Vampires – Meredith Kooi
  6. Kacapi Suling, Sorban Palid – Idhar Resmadi
  7. The Olmstead Ensemble, Forever Overhead – Paul Druecke
  8. Arvo Pärt, Tabula Rasa-Ludus – Kira Greene
  9. Múm, The Land Between Solar Systems – Sage Dawson


Dayparting – Daytime

  1. Al Bowlly, Close Your Eyes – Bill Conger
  2. Helen Lundy Trio, Color Combination – Ryan Thayer
  3. Albert Marcoeur, “Gagner sa vie” – Hélène Baril
  4. John Adams, Act 1, Scene 1: News Has a Kind of Mystery – James McAnally
  5. Tame Impala, Keep on Lying – Paul Shortt
  6. Sufjan Stephens, Should Have Known Better – Netta Sadovsky
  7. Bill Callahan, The Breeze / My baby cries – Sheila Wilson
  8. Woody Guthrie, This Land is Your Land – Lauren Frances Adams
  9. Threelegsoman, Goodbye Horses – Quintin Teszeri
  10. Diane Cluck, Nothing but God – Mike Calway-Fagen
  11. Natalie Merchant, Bleezer’s Ice Cream – Eric Hibit
  12. Big Dipper, All Going Out Together – Gerard Nadeau 


Dayparting – Early Fringe

  1. Tartufi, Fear of Tall Giraffes/Fear of Some Birds – Genevieve Quick
  2. Brigitte Fontaine, Le Gougron – Anya Ventura
  3. Mohammed Rafi, “Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye” from the film Farz (1967) – Nihaal Faizal
  4. David Bowie, Space Oddity – Amy Reidel
  5. Diane Cluck, God Made It Rain – Aaron Harbour
  6. Kenny Dennis (Serengeti), Dennehy – Brad Fiore
  7. Hannah Diamond, Hi – Jordan Sarti
  8. Nina Simone, Be My Husband – Juan Carlos Zaldivar
  9. Emmavie, Dough – Rianna Jade Parker

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