Confused World Views


“Should I go to grad school?”
“Never pay for grad school!”
“Don’t go to Harvard. Teach there!”
Italians do it better. Asians Do It Better.
Free schools are the best. QS Rankings even better.
Native English is a Plus.


Looking for a committedly casual, seriously indiscrete, androgynous femme-acting Eurasian male.
Ideally medium build. No mascs, no daddies, no muscles, abs, or tan.
Please be well-educated, but NO MARXISTS. Yes: limp wrist, No: beards and flannels.
Must like makeup, eat spicy, travel, be vegetarian, compassionate. Must like all sports except team sports. No preference with occupation but should be ambitious.
Looking to be friends without benefits first; open to something more.
Let’s see where things go.


Let’s agree to disagree. Let’s redefine the terms. Let’s expand our discursive boundaries. Let’s stand in solidarity. Let’s explore the intersections. Let’s examine our discomfort. Let’s stop being so divisive. Let’s create a cognitive space for political exchange. Let’s bend the straight, let’s queer the mainstream, let’s find a liminal space. Let’s move past identity. Let’s expose monogamy. Let’s stop making generalizations. Let’s race forward. Let’s bind together. Let’s start a code of conduct. Let’s be more inclusive. Let’s make fun of homophobia. Let’s stop calling out; let’s start calling in. Let’s stop being so politically correct. Let’s create a safe space. Let’s ask a black woman. Let’s include more women. Let’s include all kinds of women. Let’s invite gay men of colour too. Let’s ask transwomen what they think. Let’s include a token man. Let’s explore straight shame. Let’s assess our feelings first. Let’s try on other people’s shoes. Let’s stop making it about me. Let me think about it. Let’s start a petition. Let’s ban the missionary position. Let’s stop acting so guilty. Let’s be agents. Let’s subvert the ethnographic gaze. Let’s explore self-subjectification. Let’s instrumentalize our opponents. Let’s boycott the revolution. Let’s lead by example. No I haven’t heard of them, let me write that down–





I never studied feminism. Real men read feminism. Informed men read black feminism. Most men don’t read feminism. Not all men, but most men don’t know the difference between masculinity studies and men’s studies.

Being Smart Sucks. Radicality is dangerous.
I went to school; I went confused.
I read Al Jazeera. You skim BBC.
Boys like me; men hate me.
Women love me.



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