Roots & Culture

Through two person shows, curated group shows, lectures, community gatherings and time arts events, Roots & Culture aims to provide a platform for the inventive practices of young artists.

Spudnik Press: Interview with Angee Lennard

The daughter of potato farmers, Angee Lennard chose the name “Spudnik Press” when she founded a nonprofit community printshop in her one-bedroom Chicago apartment in 2007. At the age of twenty-nine, Lennard is now the Executive Director of this burgeoning art space.

Hyde Park Art Center

The Hyde Park Art Center was founded in 1939 by Senator Paul Douglas and other leaders of the New Deal. Very much in the spirit of the time, Harold Hayden, a Chicago artist and the Art Center’s first director, proclaimed that “art should be found wherever people work and live.”

Public Media Institute / Co-Prosperity Sphere

In preparation for Version 12, an international arts festival and month-long urban experiment, Public Media Institute (PMI) is currently seeking “collaborators and partners to help us re-imagine the tactical urbanization of our hood.” Proposal are due March 1, 2012.


Threewalls was founded in 2003 to provide greater support and visibility for the visual arts community in Chicago. Today, threewalls operates a research residency; commissions a major project by a visiting artist; supports four SOLO exhibitions; programs a SALON series; and partners with other organizations on publications and education.

The Suburban

Possibly the most well-known and exciting at-home gallery space is located inconspicuously in a dense Chicago suburb and is aptly called The Suburban.


While only in its second season, ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) is quickly becoming known as a commanding residency model and excellent opportunity for emerging artists.