Songs for Driving Home After the Slow Dance

“Songs for Driving Home After the Slow Dance” is a review in the form of a short mixtape for Alain Biltereyst’s paintings, a narrative that floats in and out of melody, harmony, rhythm, modes of text, image, and finally, a love story…

Johalla Projects

Johalla Projects was established in the fall of 2009 by Anna Cerniglia as a venue for emerging and mid-career artists. As a collaborative project space, it is a haven for artists, curators, and patrons who desire to expand their aesthetic horizons.

One Year In: Chicago Artists Writing

Chicago Artist Writers is a platform that asks artists and art workers to write traditional and experimental criticism that serves under-represented arts programming in Chicago. In this essay, founders Sofia Leiby and Jason Lazarus reflect back on the first year of the project.

The Salon Series

The Salon Series is an exhibition and discussion project that emphasizes participation between guests and artists to explore meaning, context and craft of new work.

Night Club

Night Club is an independent exhibition space, directed by Olivia Coran and Matthew Steinbrecher, in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago.

Alderman Exhibitions

Alderman Exhibitions is a commercial exhibition space in Chicago created by husband and wife team Garry Alderman and Ellen Hartwell Alderman. Since opening in 2011, the space has found positive support in the Chicago community. In this site profile, Ellen Hartwell Alderman discusses her motivations for opening the exhibition space and her goals for Alderman Exhibitions’ future.