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C∆N† W∆1† \ DØN† C∆R3

The last in our series on buzz-genre “Witch House,” this charticle (yes, charticle) proposes speculative relationships between a series of interrelated conceptual pairs that float in, out, through, around and between some of the philosophical and material historical conditions that may have fostered this categorical impulse, by nesting and inverting the interstice between the physical, spectral, digital, material, esoteric and obvious through a handful of conceptualizations of genre. Please click the image for a larger version.

Carol Anne McChrystal, San Francisco: regular contributor
Carol Anne McChrystal is MRScarruthers in the San Francisco-based collaborative project Nightmare City which explores intersections between the radical, the obsolete, and psuedo-science. Her primary texts, “Cliffs Notes on Art School Rhetoric,” “You Have No Power You Have No Power,” and the Hex Pox Rut Rot serial publication inquire into the relationship between theory and the practice of contemporary art.

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