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[ 2nd floor projects ]

[ 2nd floor projects ] San Francisco was founded in 2007, and is curated by artist Margaret Tedesco, and pairs writers with exhibitions and publishes hand-crafted broadsheets and chapbook limited editions.

C∆N† W∆1† \ DØN† C∆R3

The last in our series on buzz-genre “Witch House,” this charticle (yes, charticle) proposes speculative relationships between a series of interrelated conceptual pairs that float in, out, through, around and between some of the philosophical and material historical conditions that may have fostered this categorical impulse…

Copy+Paste: Curiously Direct

On a particularly fruitful day of viewing shows in the city, I found a cafe and started the Curiously Direct Facebook page. The goal is to review every show I attend, to try to say something concrete about why I feel this or that way about a show, and to fit that into the 420 character limit of a Facebook wall post.