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There is no longer non-political art.

“To find a solution to this impasse through art itself is impossible. It is a crisis which concerns all culture, beginning at its economic base and ending in the highest spheres of ideology.”

New World Embassy: Rojava

The New World Embassy: Rojava was a temporary embassy constructed in Oslo to represent the ideals of a “stateless democracy” developed by the communities of the autonomous region of Rojava, northern Syria.

Dawit Petros at Artspace

Offering multiple vantage points on the fraught histories of migration and modernity, Dawit Petros’s photographs and video works at the H&R Block Artspace invite reflection on the visible and invisible borders that separate us from others.





Dolph Projects is a contemporary art project in Streatham, London aimed at engaging both artists and the local community alike.

DEMO Project

DEMO Project

DEMO Project is a non-traditional exhibition space in Springfield, Illinois, that encourages artists to self-direct, experiment and present without risk.