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I can call this progress to halt at LACE

Abe Ahn reviews “I can call this progress to halt” at LACE, considering gestures of protest or unrest featured in the exhibition, which offer ways to surface new social relations and the potential for a commune untethered to time and place.

Making Plans at Human Resources

Making Plans, organized by Kyle Bellucci Johanson and Matthew Lax at Human Resources in Los Angeles, decommissions the ruling that ‘there is no alternative’ by reminding us that to conceive of possible futures, we must first assess our present.

The House of Pearled Cultures

The curatorial concept of this research, theory, and art conference, “Now is the Time of Monsters” at HKW, is to lay “bare the framing conditions of the nation-state…”





Bon-Gah is a non-profit initiative founded in 2004 as an independent arts books publisher. Since 2012, Bon-Gah has operated in a cooperatively-run studio space in Karasht, a suburb or Tehran.

BASEMENT Cultural Foundation

BASEMENT Cultural Foundation

BASEMENT aims to create positive change in the Yemeni society by increasing community participation and raising awareness on issues of culture, society, and politics.

Founded by a collective of curators and artists from Romania, aims at encouraging contemporary art practices developed in Romania through a wide range of activities.