I am for an artist who vanishes

I am for an artist who vanishes takes Claes Oldenburg’s 1961 manifesto and recent developments in socially-engaged art to explore the collective life of art as it leaves the CV of the artist and enters a broader field.

Utopia School’s Faith

Mike Calway-Fagen surveys Utopia School, BASEKAMP’s collaborative multi-city project that explores Utopian initiatives in order to create a comprehensive database for research, engagement and action.

NYC TBD: An Artist-Led Land Trust

How can I, a thirty year old artist who is surrounded by unemployment, soaring rents and a graduating class of 100,000 creative debtors each year in this nation, dream about belonging to one neighborhood for life?

With Our Mouths Closed

As I sat comfortably inside the respected contemporary gallery on a grayish afternoon, two visual artists replied to questions and comments about their work. Intentions were discussed, free white wine poured.

How to…Make an (Alternative) Institution

Inspired by Ad Reinhardt’s “How to Look at Art” series, “How to…Make an (Alternative) Institution” was created for Make Things (Happen), a participatory project organized by Christine Wong Yap.