August Vacation

Each August, we take a short hiatus from new posts to highlight our archive and prepare future features. Catch up on our intersectionality feature and keep watch for our forthcoming feature on artist-centric networks.

The Year in Review

Here is our year in review.
Our year in images.
Articles we proudly published.
The best we could do.
This is the 2014 we recorded.


Interested in continuing, contributing or creating critical dialogue in your local art community and beyond?

To Make a Public: An Anti-Profit Publication

The public space of the site is an expression of underlying ideals and we are intent on continuing to experiment with our own form in order to push forward the discussion on artist-led action and the latent potential it carries to transform our art worlds, our institutions, our means of expression and ourselves.

VACATION! + St. Louis Events

Greetings from our extended summer vacation from new online posts. For the month of August, we have been working with St. Louis area organizations to present a public roundtable discussion and corresponding workshop focused around the topic of art criticism in the region.