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Wild Building: After the Alternative Space

Reflecting on the recent Hand in Glove conference, James McAnally addresses the past and future of artist-centered practice: How are we to build on our own legacies? Why do we falter when we talk about sustainability? How do we understand our capacities?

BANK Projects

BANK Projects is an artist-run space based in St. Louis operating out of a former bank in the city’s active Cherokee Street neighborhood.

Art Plus Time

Has economics become the dominant mode of artistic action of our time? From Sotheby’s and e-flux, to W.A.G.E. and Free Cooper Union, the market, protest movements, and the model of the artist-as-entrepreneur threatens to overwhelm art’s social and aesthetic aims.

The Object Group

The Object Group is an Atlanta-based ensemble devising interactive performance installations starting from resonant objects manipulated in space.


Eyebeam is a long-standing artist-run gallery and performance booking organization that works with spaces across Atlanta.