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Ghosts of Our Time

One could call Witch House a haunting: an inhabitation in the present of fragments of several pasts. Like its many contemporaries, it depends on borrowed gravity for effect…
Here is the second in a series of essays on Witch House music featured throughout October.

Interview with Dominic Molon

I recently sat down at the Scottish Arms for a conversation with Dominic Molon, the newly installed Chief Curator at CAMSTL, to discuss his recent move from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (MCA), the mythology that develops around curators and, of course, the Velvet Underground.

SGCI Friday Night Highlights, Part II

Cherokee Street has been the de facto artist-run capital of St. Louis for the past several years, hosting an energetic and ever-changing roster of DIY galleries, co-ops, studio spaces and community activism. On Friday, March 18th, the street remade itself once again for the SGCI Conference.