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WOW HUH was founded with the desire to fill a perceived gap in arts writing, namely the lack of critical, longer form essays by younger writers.

Art Writing: Genevieve Quick

In the latest Futures, Genevieve Quick addresses the need to reassess how we educate art writers and support new and alternative media in art writing.

To Make a Public: An Anti-Profit Publication

The public space of the site is an expression of underlying ideals and we are intent on continuing to experiment with our own form in order to push forward the discussion on artist-led action and the latent potential it carries to transform our art worlds, our institutions, our means of expression and ourselves.

Art Writing: Rachel Reese

Websites are changing rapidly in an attempt to keep up with our shorter attention spans and under-comprehension of information and content.

Art Writing: James McAnally

In order to see a continued presence of art criticism that is attuned to the full range of activities taking place in local communities, alternative options to subsidize writers’ work are necessary.