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Elephants in the Room at Casco Art Institute

Valentina Vella recaps “Elephants in the Room” the first in a new yearly assembly presented by Casco Art Institute in the Netherlands aimed at becoming a meeting place for art organizations to question habitual institutional patterns and imagine ways of “commoning” together.

We’re Here to Make Friends

Friendship has been and always will be the basis of political action. The point of prefiguration is bringing the future into the present and the primary way that we do this is in the forming and nurturing of our relationships with one another in the ways we enact them on a day-to-day basis.

I am for an artist who vanishes

I am for an artist who vanishes takes Claes Oldenburg’s 1961 manifesto and recent developments in socially-engaged art to explore the collective life of art as it leaves the CV of the artist and enters a broader field.