Founded in 1989, ROY G BIV Gallery is an independent, nonprofit arts space located in the historic Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. ROY primarily exists to provide a space for artwork that transcends commercial concerns, and to provide that space to artists before they are fully established.

Skylab Gallery

Skylab is a gallery and performance space in downtown Columbus, Ohio where several people live and work. Skylab hosts music, art events, workshops, screenings and gatherings.

MITCH Collective

For ​Siena, Leah, and Sylva, the project of renovating Siena’s grandfather’s house and creating an arts space to bring together like-minded individuals for creative pursuits has become a collaboration involving contributors from far and wide.


SPACES is a contemporary art venue dedicated to artists who explore and experiment. Located in downtown Cleveland, SPACES currently operates three programs to feature the excellent works of our curated artists: R&D (Research & Development), SWAP (SPACES World Artists Program), and The Vault.