New Mexico


Peñasco Theatre

The Peñasco Theatre hosts year-round arts programs including youth summer arts workshops, circus arts classes, community events, professional performances, and artist residencies.

Parallel Studios

Parallel Studios is a venue for new media artists. Currents 2012: Santa Fe International New Media Festival, featuring single channel video, sound and interactive video installations, multimedia performances and more, will run from June 22 through July 7.

Becoming PLAND

In the midst of personal and professional overextension, I agreed to partner on a land purchase with my friends and colleagues, sisters Erin and Nina Elder. We each put up a few hundred dollars at auction and next thing we knew, we were property owners.

The Tan

I hope The Tan is a place that people can think differently about. I hope that people are never bored by something we put on here. I hope that the existence of this space changes what people think might be possible with their own art and in this town.