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SOIL Gallery

Founded in 1995, SOIL is a collective and a nonprofit gallery established, supported, and managed by Seattle artists.

Portland ‘Pataphysical Society

The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society is private social club that hosts performances and exhibitions in an alternative arts space within the Everett Station Lofts in downtown Portland, OR.

Publication Studio

Publication Studio (founded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon) prints and binds books one at a time on-demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire.

Eutectic Gallery

Similar to the relationship between the components that make up clay and their proportions, Eutectic Gallery wishes to explore the relationship between an artist’s process, product, & concept, and the public’s interpretation of, interaction with, and critique of said work.


G.159 is a an artist-run project space and gallery founded in 2013 by Roshan Shakeel and Nihaal Faizal, in the latter’s apartment living room.

Yale Union

Yale Union is a center for contemporary art in Portland, Oregon. It is led by a desire to support artists, propose new modes of production, and stimulate the ongoing public discourse around art.