Los Angeles


analog dissident

analog dissident functions as a monthly discussion group aimed at queer/radical/feminist/politically inclined artists to engage critically outside of traditional art institutions.

Out at the Elbows at metro pcs

Up the stairs of 422 Ord Street in Los Angeles’ Chinatown lies artist-run space metro pcs. Inside, the small three-piece exhibition, “Out at the Elbows,” occupies the fluorescent former Cambodian Consulate interior.


JAUS (pronounced ‘house’) is a self-funded artist-run space which focuses on group exhibitions that showcase artists without gallery representation in Los Angeles.

Durden and Ray

Based in Los Angeles since January 2010, Durden and Ray is comprised of artists and curators who work collaboratively to create exhibition opportunities in cooperating gallery spaces around the world.

In The Make: Fieldtrip to LA

Founded in early 2011 by photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan, In the Make is a collaboration that offers an intimate look at current art practice. In this essay, Klea and Nikki chronicle their first trip to LA for the project.

Favorite Goods

Favorite Goods is dedicated to being a platform for ideas, artists, curators, and creativity. Through exhibitions, performances, and collaborations they seek to be a conduit for critical dialogue as well as a social space connecting artists and audiences from a local to international level.

Actual Size

Actual Size presents a range of programming, from solo and group exhibitions to events that make use of the space as a multi-faceted resource for artists. In addition to formal exhibitions, they hold lectures, screenings, musical performances, BBQ’s, brunches, and panel discussions.