SIX x ATE: An Interview with Casey Droege

“SIX x ATE” is a free dinner and lecture series promoting local artists, a stronger arts network and a more interdisciplinary conversation in Pittsburgh. For each event, six artists are invited present or perform work and one cuisinier creates a meal based based on the theme for that night.

UnSmoke Art Space

Located just outside the city of Pittsburgh, UnSmoke Systems is a project of Braddock Redux housed in a re-purposed Catholic school building that seeks to further open the community to those with unconventional and forward-thinking notions about the reuse of urban space.


Transformazium is an arts-based collaboration with a focus on creative communication, resource exchange, and radical models of education in Braddock, PA neighborhoods.


Assemble, a community space for arts + technology, is a place where one can engage their intrigue through hands on activities about art and technology.