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Artist Organizations International

Artist Organisations International brought together over twenty representatives of organizations founded by artists whose work confronts today’s crises in politics, economy, education, immigration and ecology.

Academy of Asociality

For forty years, steirischer herbst has been taking place in Graz, an Alpine mountainous town in central Austria. This “avant-garde”..

How to…Make an (Alternative) Institution

Inspired by Ad Reinhardt’s “How to Look at Art” series, “How to…Make an (Alternative) Institution” was created for Make Things (Happen), a participatory project organized by Christine Wong Yap.

Public Space ONE

Public Space One is a nonprofit arts organization operating as an expansive, collaborative, communal social sculpture.

Grin City Collective

Combining the concept of an artist residency with that of a volunteer corps, Grin City Collective creates a dialogue-rich, socially-driven creative community for everyone, regardless of age, degree, or experience.

516 ARTS

516 ARTS is an independent, nonprofit arts venue in the center of Downtown Albuquerque. The 5,500 square foot, two-story gallery is a unique, hybrid somewhere between a gallery and museum.

What Post-Artists Make Happen

Artists feel stuck: under-recognized for all the activities they are actually doing and over-commodified as the great force behind “hipsterism.” Resistance seems futile.